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Working together here in the Braddock District, we’ve built wonderful neighborhoods where our families enjoy a great quality of life. As Braddock Supervisor, my first priority will be to serve as your neighborhood advocate, solving problems for you and your neighbors. With more than a decade of experience in constituent service, I know how to get potholes filled, street lights fixed, and problems solved. As Supervisor, I’ll work to:

  • Continue Supervisor Cook’s Braddock Beacon Newsletter to keep you informed on what’s happening in the community
  • Hold open and public community meetings on major projects and proposals
  • Respond to your phone calls within one business day and your emails or letters within two business days
  • Attend your Civic Association and HOA meetings to hear directly from you and respond to your questions
  • Use technology and social media to ensure those who can’t make it to a public meeting have their views heard
  • Reach out and engage our diverse immigrant communities to ensure they are always part of the process