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A high-performing school system doesn’t happen by accident. Generations of Fairfax County taxpayers, teachers, parents, and students have made the investments to make our schools the engines of success they are today. I want every child in Fairfax to have the same opportunity to thrive that I had thanks to public schools in Northern Virginia. I’m proud to be endorsed by the Fairfax Education Association, representing our teachers. As Braddock Supervisor, I’ll work with our Braddock School Board Member Megan Mclaughlin to:

  • Ensure competitive teacher pay to attract and retain the best teachers
  • Invest in capital improvements to expand classroom capacity and reduce overcrowding
  • Promote programs for children with disabilities, so they can reach their full potential
  • Expand access to school counselors and psychologists
  • Reform discipline policies to eliminate racially-biased outcomes