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Education and Fairfax County Public Schools

A high-performing school system doesn’t happen by accident. Generations of Fairfax County leaders, taxpayers, teachers, parents, and students have made the investments of time, money, heart, and soul to make our schools the engines of success they are today. But those investments must be refreshed by each generation if we hope to maintain that success. One of the reasons I’m running for Braddock District Supervisor is to ensure that every child has the same opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive that I had thanks to public schools in Northern Virginia.

FCPS has a $2.9 billion budget and enrollment is approaching 190,000 students, with more than 54,000 (29%) of them eligible for free or reduced price lunch. 92% of our students graduate on time and 89% plan to pursue post-graduate education. These are remarkable statistics, far above the national average. And thanks to the efforts of Chairman Sharon Bulova and Supervisor Jeff Mckay, Fairfax County teachers received a pay raise in the 2019 budget that will help prevent qualified teachers from leaving Fairfax for jurisdictions that offer higher pay.

Moving forward, I’ll work with Braddock School Board Member Megan McLaughlin and At-Large School Board Member Ilryong Moon to ensure that teacher pay is competitive with surrounding jurisdictions so we can recruit and retain the best teachers, pay our support staff a fair wage, invest in the capital improvements needed to expand classroom capacity, pursue reforms of discipline policies to eliminate racially-biased outcomes, expand adult ESL programs, promote programs for children of all abilities, and ensure a happy, healthy, and safe learning environment by expanding access to school counselors and psychologists.