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Opportunity for All: Growing the Economy and Creating High-Paying Jobs

The key to Fairfax County’s economic success has been creating a good environment for business with a world-class school system and a quality of life that attracts top talent from across the world. As Braddock District Supervisor, ensuring that Fairfax continues to be a great place to live and do business will be a top priority. Fortune 500 companies and small, innovative startups alike continue to choose Fairfax County because of our educated, diverse, and talented workforce. 61% of adults in Fairfax have a bachelor’s degree and 30% have a graduate-level degree, far exceeding the national average.

To build on that success and continue to create high-paying jobs, we have to ensure that Fairfax remains the best place in America to live and raise a family. To do that, we must continue investing in our schools, revitalize older areas of the county like Annandale, create vibrant destinations of choice in suburban centers like Fairfax Center and diversify our economic base by encouraging commercial development and small technology start-ups.

While our economic success is the envy of the nation, we must also acknowledge that not all of our neighbors are enjoying that success. Nearly 7,000 Braddock District residents are living below the poverty line. In Braddock, you need to earn nearly $64,000 a year to afford the average-rate one bedroom apartment and yet nearly 10,000 households earn less than that. We also know that the poverty rate for people with disabilities in Fairfax County is 25%, more than double the rate of overall population. In a place as vibrant and successful as Fairfax County, it’s easy to overlook those who are struggling to get by. But we can’t reach our full potential as a community until everyone has the opportunity to live their version of the Fairfax dream.

As Supervisor, I will work to expand access to BizEx, the county’s one-stop shop to help small businesses get up and running, improve the development review process, promote ability-focused employment opportunities for people with disabilities, work to establish apprenticeship and vocational training programs, and increase access to affordable housing by restoring the penny for affordable housing started under Chairman Gerry Connolly.